Lizzie Brown Speech Therapy Stroke and Brain Injury Specialist
Lizzie Brown Speech TherapyStroke and Brain Injury Specialist

Speech & Language Therapy

Lizzie Brown is an Independent Stroke and Brain Injury Specialist Speech Therapist providing bespoke treatment to clients across East Anglia.


Fully trained and qualified with a unique set of skills and experience Lizzie provides assessment, advice and therapy for adults with a range of communication difficulties, including aphasia, dyspraxia, dysarthria and cognitive communication impairment. Therapy also helps people with reading and writing difficulties, in addition to exploring the potential benefits of modern technology.


Specialist Speech and Language Therapy may involve a conversation, a formal assessment or a work place visit. Lizzie can support people to re-engage with their social and family networks, helping them to retain and build relationships. Therapy aims to enable people to get on with all aspects of their lives including leisure, work and study activities.


Using a holistic approach Lizzie welcomes working with the client, family members and health professionals. The most effective therapy is achieved by sharing ideas and discussing options and creating a clear joint plan for the next step.


The impact of a Stroke or Brain Injury can be devastating. Lizzie is a highly competent Therapist able to use a range of skills and resources to effectively support people throughout their journey of recovery. 



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*** Providing Visits and Online           Therapy Sessions  ***

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Speech Therapy in Suffolk

Lizzie Brown Speech Therapy is located in mid Suffolk, able to cover the East Anglia Region. A Specialist Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Speech Therapist   with 15 years experience.


BSc Hons Speech & Language Therapy.



Appointments arranged at a place and time to suit you.


***Help Available in 2021*** is a charity that can help fund Therapy for clients in need, who have been discharged from hospital during the pandemic.***

     Providing visits and                      Tele-Therapy

One client created a facebook page about their rehab journey... 'Simon's Stroke Recovery'

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