Lizzie Brown Speech Therapy Stroke and Brain Injury Specialist
Lizzie Brown Speech TherapyStroke and Brain Injury Specialist

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Lizzie Brown Speech Therapy provides bespoke treatment to meet your needs. Appointments are arranged at a time and place that works for you.


A Stroke & Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialist, with 15 years experience working for public and private health providers. Lizzie uses a holistic approach to enable people to regain their independence and achieve a better quality of life. Skilled and experienced working with individuals, family members, health and social care professionals, employers and community facilities, Lizzie can enable people to get the help and support they need to get on track and achieve meaningful life activities.


Lizzie believes listening to the client is the most empowering and important aspect of any treatment. Lizzie will offer individualised treatment, attending to the detail that matters to you.


Speech & Language Therapy may involve a conversation, an assessment, a shopping trip, or a work place visit. Lizzie Brown Speech Therapy looks at peoples' communication needs in all situations where it can be helpful. 


The impact of a Stroke or Brain Injury can be devastating and often requires holistic evaluation and treatment. Lizzie is keen to work with other experienced health professionals, including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists. 


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Speech Therapy in Suffolk

Lizzie Brown Speech Therapy is located in mid Suffolk, able to cover the East Anglia Region. A Specialist Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Speech Therapist   with 15 years experience.


BSc Hons Speech & Language Therapy.



***Help Available*** is an Aphasia charity that provides a great support network for people with Aphasia and their supporters. Say Aphasia run both in person drop-in conversation and social groups in a variety of places around England. Say Aphasia also run online support groups for people with Aphasia. Look at their website to find out about Aphasia and their Services. 

One client created a facebook page about their rehab journey... 'Simon's Stroke Recovery'

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